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Original WWII German Ados Ink Bottle

Original German Ados Ink Bottle

$ 7.99

Original German Ados spezial-tinte ink cartridge for refilling pens. These were the portable way that ink for pens was carried back in WW2. They could have been used in military field offices, or carried in a mapcase. They are full with the original red ink inside. The ink sounds dried up, however these are breakable and could leak if carried upside down, so I would not recommend carrying this around in your mapcase at an event.  Bottles are in good condition overall, with some discoloration to the paper.

The labels may be a little stained from the glue that was used to attach them and they may be coming loose. They have a rubberized end that is pressed to eject the contents into a inkwell or writing pen's ink reserve. The tip is a metal needle that is small enough to fit into the holes of the inkwells on pens. I only have red ink at this time. 

Measures approx. 4 1/8" long.


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