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WWII Soviet Russian RGD33 Grenade Fuse Reproduction

Repro RGD33 Grenade Fuse

$ 14.99

Reproduction RGD33 Soviet stick grenade inert display fuse.  The fuse is packed in a cardboard tube which must be ripped open via a small string, just like the original. The fuse itself is highly detailed and breaks down into 4 parts like the original; the primer section, timer pellet, booster charge, and detonator.  All empty, of course.

There would have been 2 fuses kept in the RGD33 grenade pouch and would have only been installed shortly before use.  The RGD33 was a rather complicated grenade which could easy be armed, sometimes unintentionally.

Measures approx. 3 5/8" long.


 Single fuse for $14.99 or a set of 2 for $25.99



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