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WWII Pattern Soviet SSh-40 Helmet

Soviet SSh-40 Helmet

$ 49.99

Soviet SSh-40 steel helmets from the 1950's, but with a correct appearance inside and out for WWII. They all look to be dated 57-60.

Available in three sizes, P-1 (smallest, roughly fits a size 56-58), P-2 (medium, roughly fits a size 58-60) P-3 (large, this is as large as any Russian model 40 helmet comes, roughly fits a size 59 and up). These have been in storage for nearly 60 years and as such do have some storage wear, including possible light rust, light mildew or musty scent, dirt, and scuffs and scratches. There is some variation in the materials used for the internal pads but all have a correct look for WWII. Some liners are made from black material, some are brown and some have some pretty wild patterns pressed into it but all of that variation is still correct for WWII. All have a correct canvas chin strap. Markings and makers vary. Excellent helmet for reenacting.

Some helmets may be factory refurbished original WWII shells, we do not pick these out, you may just get lucky.

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