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Repro WWII Soviet Tunic Model 1935

Repro Soviet Tunic Model 1935 (Wartime)

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Reproduction model 1935 tunic made from the correct cotton twill. There are some minor variations between production runs like the collar tabs for example, sorry, no choice just they way it would have been when it was issued. These are very accurate reproductions and include the collar liner which is tack sewn in. The collar liner was supposed to be removed, washed and sewn back in every day. The buttons are a mix of original paint and refurbished old stock soviet buttons. All tunics come with wartime pattern subdued collar tabs which was standard from 1941 until the tunic was phased out for the model 1943. All tunics have period ink stamps inside. The uniforms have a slight sheen to them when they are new, but they wear in well with use and a few washings.



We provide the stamped on Soviet size and the actual measurement of the tunic in inches. THESE ARE THE MEASUREMENTS OF THE TUNIC ITSELF!! Your measurements must be LESS than those listed to fit. Ideally, your chest (when you breathe in) should probably be at least 4-5" smaller than the listed measurements (some people like them baggier and go 8" bigger than their own measurements). This extra also helps account for potential shrinkage of 1-3 inches.

M935 Tunic Size 48 P3 = 45" Chest

M1935 Tunic Size 50 P4 = 48" Chest 

M1935 Tunic Size 52 P4= 49" Chest 

M1935 Tunic Size 54 P4= 51" Chest 

M1935 Tunic Size 56 P4= 52" Chest 

M1935 Tunic Size 58 P4= 54" Chest 


Tunics are Regular length, all measure 32.5"-33" long and the sleeve length is 25.5"-26" (most are 26" but a few of the smaller sizes may be 25.5"). The size 48 tunics may be slightly shorter in length.


Please measure yourself; there is a 20% restocking fee for this item. ONLY TRUST A TAPE MEASURE! Do not take the size from another shirt or jacket. If you do not have a cloth tape measure to measure yourself, find a dress shirt that fits you comfortably and measure it with a normal tape measure or ruler, lay it flat and measure from armpit to arm pit and double that measurement.


Made in Ukraine. Uniforms are in the US and ship from Ohio within a few days of placing an order. Machine wash cold and hang dry. These will shrink if you wash them in hot water or put them in the dryer (the shrinkage seems to be about 1"-2"). Some of them still have chalk lines from when they were sewn together, this will wash off.


Due to enormous casualties, loss of terrain / military stores, and the rapid expansion in the Red army following the start of Barbarossa the conversion from the pre-war colored collar tabs to subdued or simply no collar tabs was fairly quick and thorough. Also due to the way in which uniforms and equipment were sourced and supplied it was not at all uncommon to have no collar tabs at all even pre-war depending on the region in which you were serving.


Belt shown in photos not included, but is available separately here.

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